On steroids, but won’t end up like Arnie Part 1

Welcome, ladies and gents to the first serious Flare Up that I have had since D-Day (we aren’t including Optical Neuritis right now). Ending with an emergency trip to the doctors and a 5 day course of Steroids. As stated in the title though, these once won’t make me hench, or so I’m promised.

Today is only day 1 of this steroid treatment so I have decided to do a wee post now and then check in after the 5 days is complete for another update. I am under no expectations that my symptoms will have magically gone away by the end of these few days, but hopefully I will be starting to feel at least a smidgen less like a zombie.

Day 1 of Steroids – is it possible to get Moonface as a symptom on day 1? Haha

For a while now, I have been having issues with my grip in my right hand and the balance on my right leg. If I am perfectly honest, I thought it was all in my head . After waking up on Tuesday morning and struggling to stand up with ease, I decided it was best to take some time off work and get myself checked out. My Doctor doesn’t offer same day appointments so I had to have an emergency telephone appointment on Wednesday, where the doctor verbally nodded and ‘yes’d in all the right places. Ending with a “you will need to see a Doctor on Friday”. Excellent Susan, thank you! Friday came round, I had to be driven the 200m to the Doctors. After a poke and a prod, several games of – “please lift this leg” “err, soz Doc, I’m telling my leg to do it but it doesn’t want to play”. Doctor rang my wonderful MS nurse and was advised to treat me with steroids.

So anyone who hasn’t already taken steroids knows – they leave the most delightful taste of rubbish in your mouth.

I’m hoping that these steroids will speed up recovery, I really would like to get myself back to work. Mad, I know. It seems so strange to be taking time off work, I knew this time would come one day (I am so melodramatic, I know) but sometimes you just need to put number 1 in the top spot. Or so my Doctor said as I sat and cried in his office. I will let you all know how I get on after the 5 days and in a few weeks, hopefully once full recovery has started kicking in. We can hope. I think it is times like these where I really need to start following my own advise.

  1. As I have said so many times, positivity is key!
  2. Put number 1 in the number 1 seat
  3. Learn your limits, pushing yourself will only end in tears in the middle of a Doctors office

I am still learning as every day passes what my limits are, on some days everything feels grand and I am on top of the world but when a bad day hits. It. Is. Bad. Keep taking it easy.

H x


    1. Aww thank you so much Dani, you are so kind! Think we all need to remember to be kind to ourselves don’t we. I hope you start to feel better soon too 😄 sending all the love your way!x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much! When im back home on my laptop i will have a good look into it
      I feel so proud to have your support and i am so greatful 😁


    1. Thank you! Just finding it hard not knowing how quickly to expect to feel better, but I guess it will be different for everyone won’t it 😧 xx


  1. Wow this is amazing x we are so proud of you for staying so positive (yes you will have your wobbles) but everything you share is inspiring others and having a way to express yourself is so important x looking forward to your next entry and hearing how much better you are feeling 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sooo much for reading it! Hopefully once i get a bit more confidence with it all i can start sharing it with the great wide world, hopefully help people have a more open mind towards disability 🙈 so very very happy you enjoyed this! Xx


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