On steroids, but won’t end up like Arnie Part 2

The other day I wrote a post to open up about beginning steroid treatment to help speed up recovery of a relapse that is currently kicking my A. I don’t really know what I expected from this five day course, magic maybe?

To be honest, I am definitely being too hard on myself and they have really helped. Things are not back to how they were, I still don’t have full grip on my right hand and I can’t stand for long periods of time but there is definite progress. The real worry comes from convincing myself that some symptoms (is that even the word?) stay with you forever after a relapse, just not to the extreme that you experienced at the relapse. Due to this being the first relapse I have had since D-Day its still so hard to know how any of this effects me. The nature of this illness being so unpredictable and effecting no two people the same creates a complete guessing game. Game of guess-who anyone? Will balance be effected today? Maybe optical neuritis?

One thing I do have to say for the steroids, you do not get used to that taste. Wow, I think I am scarred for life, that taste will never be washed away. Oops, drama queen antics back at it again. I am surprised by the effectiveness of it all, it still shocks me what modern medicine can do for us nowadays.

It has been a whirl wind ride though this week; tears, laughs and naps. I do think that the one thing that has really got me about being diagnosed with a chronic illness is the lack of information. I mean, I don’t really know what I expect or want from the situation – just answers. Answers to questions that I haven’t even fully formed. These past 4 months have just been so intense. You get hit with this information and just expect to take it and run. I do think that I have done pretty well in terms of staying positive, just need to remember to keep my head up.

  1. Trust in yourself, your body can do wonderful things
  2. You can have days with tears every now and then
  3. Keep your chin up

H x


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