A Sunday well spent, brings a week of… Longing after what you didn’t buy

I love a good outing. Filling my days with little pointless trips, I don’t think there is a better way to spend time. (I mean maybe actually doing something useful in your general life but hey ho)

So today, me and my lad went to IKEA! Yes, you heard me, the home of all things build it yourself. We’ve started picking things already for our ‘not-quite-ours-yet’ house, I mean we definitely haven’t started buying yet and we do still have a lot of things from our old flat we rented after uni, before we decided to move in with my parents to save for a deposit. So we can transfer a lot over and just save over time for nice new bits and bobs.

Our beautiful wee flat 🏠

Hopefully once we are in our new house we can add our own little quirks, I mean it needs; gas (it doesn’t have any, at all), heating (it’s currently heated by a fire in the living room) and we would like a new kitchen at some point but you know, important improvements first. We are in the lucky situation of being able to stay at my parents whilst we do the work, the biggest issue for me being the heating. I’ve noticed one of the biggest triggers for me is being cold so need to make sure we have the facility to warm that house up before moving fully in. I’m just excited to paint walls, put rugs down and pick colour schemes.

Naturally whilst in IKEA though, it was down to the important life choices first. Putting soft furnishings aside and focussing on the important task ahead. Lunch.

Not your usual IKEA meatballs, I know

I will never again underestimate how busy IKEA gets on a Sunday, starring longingly at a meatball and pasta lunch but having zero patience to stand in a queue is not my favourite past time.

It was nice though, to spend a day out with my wee lad. We always feel like we waste our weekends by just sitting and doing nothing, it felt nice to mooch around together and stare at furniture longingly. We’ve picked out sofa, bed, arm chair – you name it. Hoping things will start moving though! We shall see.

I’m so excited to be able start making these decisions, renting our flat together was such a wonderful move in our relationship, knowing we can have one on one time together. Last year’s diagnoses also threw so much into our relationship, telling him more than once that he didn’t need to go through it, but here we are. In IKEA (alright, I’m sat on the sofa watching Batman but I’m making a point here) choosing soft furnishings and eating chocolate muffins for a house that we will make a home.

  1. We love a cheeky mirror selfie
  2. Spending our days off wisely
  3. Trying not to wish the time away

H x


    1. Aww thank you Dani!! I’ve done a lot of sitting at the moment so fancied a trip out.
      Aaah thank you, cheeky Amazon bargain! Hopefully I can fit it somewhere in the new place! 😂
      Hope you’re alright, glad to see another post as your bubbly self!! Xx

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  1. Aw this sounds like a fab trip out! I think mooching like this is a great way to spend time together while being positive about the future and looking forward to what you can do with your own place, the new furniture you’d like etc. And wow, those choccy muffins look good!! 🙂
    Caz x

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