I love having MS.

Can you sense the sarcasm? Had an opticians appointment today and have discovered that I’ve been left slightly colour blind in my right eye and remaining damage on the nerve has brought my vision in that eye down to -5, I’ve always had bad eyesight but wowza, all from optic neuritis last year – Which led to the discovery of MS.

But hey ho, let’s not dwell!

I’m off to Birmingham this weekend to celebrate wor lads mum’s birthday by eating my body weight in Chinese food. In making a more conscious effort to eat a more ‘MS friendly’ diet, no gluten, no lactose, less meat. But you know, this weekend I am going for it!

We are currently on the road with lad driving whilst I type.

Singing along to some good tunes on radio one and attempting to make a good journey of it!

We are setting off late due to me spending an hour on my makeup though, I’m really starting to get into it so next step is to attempt to follow some YouTube videos to learn a bit more

  • Primer – Fenty
  • Foundation – Maybelline fit me
  • Contour, concealer & highlighter – Fenty trio stix
  • Eyes – revolution beauty pallette, benefit ‘theyre real’, revolution promonade
  • Lips – Mac – Velvet Teddy

Just incase anyone is interested!

Well it was only a quick one for now as typing in the car is making me VERY travel sick!

  1. Typing and driving, not ok
  2. Having fun with makeup, definitely ok
  3. Excited for the weekend? EVEN MORE OK

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, can’t wait to hear all about what everyone has planned!

H x


  1. Have an amazing weekend, despite the MS if you can, and eat as much Chinese as your body allows! Make-up is something I got out of doing years ago, and I like that I don’t use it most of the time (because it’s part of my I-don’t-care-what-others-think groove) but there are days when I think maybe it would be good to get back into it, to put some effort in and enjoy it and go somewhere nice. You look beautiful in your photo here, with or without make-up Hannah! xx
    Caz 🙂

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