Step 1, start a blog

Ello ello, I’ve been thinking lately that I started this blog to try help bring a new understanding to being a newly diagnosed MSer and show that, yes you can still be a normal person all at the same time.

I feel like it’s going alright though, yeah?

I realise that I have my moments and often can come across like my world is falling apart and do you want to know something? Sometimes it feels like it is. That’s ok though. Because even before I was diagnosed with MS I felt like my world was falling apart too, it doesn’t just done with having an illness it is just what sometimes happens.

I also realise that there are so so many people out there that are in the exact same position as myself, whether it be months of diagnoses or years, whether it be MS or any other chronic illness. I think by sharing our experiences in the ‘real’ world it can help bring such a great understanding to what we are all going through and show that it isn’t all that much different to other people out there without disabilities. We all have things we wish we could change and what not, it’s about sharing and caring about others circumstances.

If living with an invisible illness has taught me anything at all it is that you can never just judge someone’s circumstance just by passing them in the streets.

I think this post has been brought on by reading so many threads where people have our comments along the lines of “all these people claiming disability allowance are just playing the system”, or other negative statements and I just think there needs to be so much less back and forth and just a little bit more understanding and learning involved.

Ok, sorry everyone! That’s it from me today, just felt I needed to discuss this one. Share your thoughts

  1. Be honest and open
  2. Never judge a book by it’s cover
  3. I am an MS warrior

H x


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