It must just be the stress of it all

I’ve noticed recently that whenever I shower or brush my hair an excessive amount falls out. I mean excessive – well what seems excessive to me anyway. I’m lucky in the sense that I’ve always had thick hair but I’m really starting to notice what’s going on up there.

I’ve set myself on a googling rampage, which I have already touched upon how this is not helpful on a blog post near Christmas If it is on Google it must be right, right? Trying, desperately to find the link between why I’m suddenly loosing more hair than a dog in summer.

Now don’t judge, I know better than most that I’m just being completely paranoid. Not everything is linked to having MS. I’m not really sure how often I will have to repeat this to myself before I even believe my own words to be honest. The one thing I have realised though is that the chances are, my recent hair loss situation is due to stress. I have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, what, 7 months ago? I’ve been on two rounds of steroids due to relapses and have only been given the rough date of starting my DMT… This week (Mid-April btw). That is quite a lot for a wee 24 year old to take in you know.

So here is my new theory, self help. I’ve only gone and bought myself some magical products after my fave – Google – recommended to help stop the shedding, and maybe the tears.

Ordered the most beautiful smelling shampoo, conditioner and like spray thing from Superdrug. Used it today and I already feel fantastic. I mean, come on now, it’s day 1 of using it so the actual difference it’s made to the shedding is minimal to none but I just feel so much better. Surely that’s just as important?

This stuff smells delightful

I will keep you all in the loop with how it goes though, it might make no difference whatsoever or it might give me that extra bit of confidence that you sometimes need.

The reason for wanting to share my experiences with my recent hair loss situation and what I am trying to do to overcome it was reading a recent blog post Life with an Illness – hair loss due to a chronic illness, where Mackenzie shared who recent experience. Now in no way do I think my post is comparable to hers but I wanted to give credit where inspiration was due. I would highly recommend to go give this a good read this week. Sometimes sharing is what helps everyone break out of their comfort zone and that is exactly what Mackenzie’s post did for me!

I also do realise that in the grand scheme of things, shedding more hair than usual isn’t the worst thing in the world that could be happening to me right now (i.e. it isn’t coming out in great big chunks) but as someone who lives their life through their hairstyle and colour, it’s quite saddening.

I’m hoping though that with a bit of self love, self care and spending a bit more time on myself can help make myself feel better. I will keep you all posted on what this lovely stuff does for me.

In the mean time though, I think I just need to set myself some reminders.

  1. Sometimes something so small to some can seem huge to you
  2. It’s ok to be upset by something that might not effect others
  3. Lots of deep breathes, more water and relaxation techniques are needed

H x


  1. You might want to consider a supplement called Biotin. It’s good for hair and nails in addition to having some residual MS benefit. I just started taking it. I’m close to 60 but my hair seems to have thinned much more than usual in recent weeks. I know the meds can do that, so it’s worth a try

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  2. I’ve had exactly the same thing. My hairs under half as thick as it use to be. Luckily I had really think hair and it’s not falling our so much now, but it was definitely worse the first year and then when I’m relapsing. Xx I always think it could be worse, but at the same time, my minds like, my hairrrrrrrrrrrr! Xxx

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    1. Ahhh maybe a lot of it could be stress then! As if relapses aren’t stressful enough 🤦 it’s hard isn’t it to see passed the like ‘could be worse’, hair is a big confidence thing for so many people! At least it’s stopped falling out as much now, hopefully it will remain like that for you!! Xx

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      1. It’s definitely stress with me. And when you’re already feeling a bit rubbish during a relapse it does feel like a massive thing. You’re right about it being a big confidence thing. Xx I might try the products you’ve got too! 😊xxx

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    1. I’m not on any yet, just been on 2 courses of steroids in 6 months which I doubt helps. Starting Lemtrada in April so dreading what that does to what’s left! Oooo I am going to see if I can get some Biotin this week 😁 x

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  3. Steroids made my body do all kinds of crazy things. I had these weird zit like sores show up all over my head so I would imagine hair loss could easily be a side effect too. I sometimes wonder if the side effects are worse than the diseases!

    Well fortunately your hair still looks beautiful and I hope the hair loss quits for you soon:) I do biotin and use a lot of virgin coconut oil in my cooking and my hair and nails seem to really appreciate it, I hope you find something that works for you!

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    1. I was saying to my boyfriend last week I do feel like you’re dammed if you don’t take the stuff and dammed if you do! Thank you for this, definitely makes me feel like I’m not going insane that others go through similar effects too!

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  4. Don’t downplay it Hannah, it can be quite worrying and I think you’ve done a great job raising some awareness about it! I don’t know if it’s MS related, but hair loss can be due to so many things it’s probably hard to figure out the root (excuse the pun) cause of it. I used to have really thick hair that I’d complain about because it was hard to manage.. then my hair thinned over time and now I prefer wearing a hat most days because it’s so thin on top, despite looking thicker through the length of it. Some products can help to add thickness, but I’d say stress, dehydration, medications, deficiencies can all contribute. You’re not going mad and you’re not being silly being miffed/upset/frustrated/sad about it either. I just wish I could offer some great piece of advice or product but I’m sorry that I can’t, I just wanted you to know you’re not alone and I think this is a great post!
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you so much for this Caz! You are such a wonderful person! I suppose it’s just finding the best way to deal with it all isn’t it. Take it a day at a time and see what helps here and there. I’m so glad so many people seemed to have been sharing what they use to counteract such issues, really does make you feel so much better when you know you aren’t alone! (As awful as it is knowing other people also go through it)
      Sending all the love your way! Xx

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  5. I know how scary things can be with MS and it is important to never downplay how you are feeling. These are your feelings and you are entitled to feel how you feel. I know I have always had very thin hair but have noticed there is more hair in the shower and the bathroom than on my head. It is crazy. I hope the hair products you purchased help you and I look forward to hearing more. If they work for you, I just might have to try them. You are strong and you handle all that has been dealt to you incredibly well!!

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    1. Ah thank you Alyssa! You are completely right, I keep repeating like ‘oh well at least it isn’t as bad as it could be’ but it seems somewhat crazy in a way to think well if I’m going to be ill at least im not that ill type thing!
      I’m going to take some weekly pics and do a post and see if there is any difference so I’ll keep you posted 😁 xx

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      1. You and I are a lot a like. We keep telling ourselves at least it isn’t as bad as it could be. But at the same time, it is bad for us some days. I guess we will always have good days and bad days and it is okay to feel how we feel about it. Life is a journey and we just embrace it. I hope the hair products give the results you want!!!

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