Small meeting, big decisions

I had a strange meeting the other day. One that I didn’t really expect to be having at the age of 24.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with a social worker. She came to my house and we chatted about how I am coping with MS, what am I struggling with, what is going on at work. We discussed the fact that I’m off work for the second time in 6 months and she gave me advise on ways to improve my work/life balance.

The one piece of advise that’s really stuck with me is that she thinks I need to reduce my working hours. I don’t really remember the last time I did something on a weekend that wasn’t followed by thoughts of “oh my goodness I am so tired, how am I actually going to function”. The really sad thing is, the only times I have actually done anything on a weekend since Christmas was because we have already paid for hotels or to see family for birthdays. Im not even kidding – when I say haven’t done anything, I’m talking not leaving the house. I know, you don’t need to say it – I’m a go-getter.

Surely this is not a healthy definition of work/life balance?

Like how do we deal with such changes? I’ve only just started this current job, which is literally the most stressful experience of my life by the way, the chances of them letting me reduce my hours is probably slim to none.

I suppose now is the time to really sit down and think. Money is definitely not everything, health definitely IS everything. My lad and I have just bought a house but we have been clever thinking about money when we did this so I’m not too stressed about that. It’s still strange though isn’t it? I could start doing my crafts more though, now that would be a definite benefit.

I did know this day would come of needing reduced hours but did not expect it to only be only 6 months after diagnoses.

Ok, enough of today’s ramblings of is going on in Hannah’s head’.

Any advise on how people dealt with similar situations would be forever grateful!

  1. Adulting is hard
  2. Stress on top of stress is definitely a thing
  3. Health should always be a priority, yeah?

H x


  1. All I can tell you Hannah is that stress more than anything else makes my symptoms worse. I used to have a high pressure job as a department head, working 60 hour weeks and living and dying with each month’s performance. It was almost divine intervention that before I was diagnosed I took another job that paid less but didn’t have any of the pressure my old one had but kept all the things I liked about my old job. Honestly, I didn’t have much choice at the time for political reasons and my pride was wounded. It was also hard taking a 15% pay cut but it was a temporary hardship and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened

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    1. My partner is determined that the stress of this job is the reason I’ve had another flare up and I’m pretty sure stress set me off last time! It is strange isn’t it, making such changes that are for the best! Thank you though, it’s such a help hearing how other people’s changes have benefited them 😊

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    2. I could not agree more with you! Stress is a killer and it causes way more issues with MS! I had a lot of stress last year for various reasons and had the worst flare up ever. I am still dealing with it now and working less! I am so glad you were able to do what was best for you and your health!!!!

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  2. I am having this exact same problem. My job is so stressful, I get home from work and all I do is think all night about what I’ve forgotten to do or what I need to do in the morning. I feel guilty even taking an hour off in the mornings for blood tests so the thought of asking them to let me reduce my hours (just by 1 hour a day!) is terrifying. But where do you draw the line? Your health should always be priority. You can have many jobs in your life but you only have one life so take care of yourself first and job and money second xxxx

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    1. Yessss!!! I literally cannot relate more. Literally make lists in my head about what I should have done and what not. I had a hospital appointment the other week where I was signed off for two weeks and said to the guy “oh great they’ll love me” and his exact words were “you’ll go through so many jobs in your life but you only get the chance to make sure you’re as health as you can allow it once”. Felt doctored on so many levels 😂 suppose it’s one of those isn’t it where eventually it reaches a point where we HAVE to make that decision xxx


  3. So tough to achieve that work life balance for the avg person and for someone with a chronic illness I think it’s just more so. It’s hard to decide what the balance is in the first palace and then to find an employer that is supportive of such balance. In the end we each have to do what is best for us but I think finding out what that might be and accepting it is the hardest part. Xoxo

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  4. Stress is definitely a horrible thing and it is even worse when you mix stress with MS! I have temporarily reduced my works hours because of the flare I had in October. I think it has helped me, but then money causes me stress. My husband has been suffering from depression and has not worked since October! I hope things will change soon because we are currently living on my income, with reduced hours. I guess it is good that I can manage money really well and never buy anything that is not needed. It is so important to think about yourself and what works best for you! Your health is very important and you know your body better than anyone else! Always do what you feel is best!!! Sending you love and comfort!!!!

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    1. This is the one thing isn’t it, it’s less money which causes stress and then it’s just like a huge cycle! I hope things start turning round for you soon and it sounds like you and your husband deserve a really lovely day together! Sending much love straight back at you my dear! Xx

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      1. Thank you Hannah! I wish my husband and I could have a nice day together, but unfortunately that has not happened in a while. Things have to change soon because it is draining the life out of me and causing a lot of health issues for me but I just can’t tell him this. I think if I told my husband how I am feeling it would add to his depression!
        I wish you the best of luck with your decision! I totally understand how much money causes stress, but things will work out for the best!

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