It must be the stress of it all, recapped

Ok this is a continuation post from It must be the stress of it all, I just wanted to make it clear that this post is in no way shape or form sponsored or an ad. I am simply sharing the love on a product that has worked wonders for me!

About two weeks ago now I shared the above post and discussed how I was starting to experience hair loss. I expressed that it wasn’t as drastic as what some people go through but none the less, it was freaking me out. I googled the life out of advise on what to use to help with my issues and came across these three OGX products:

Anti-breakage Keratin Oil, Instant Repair Healing

Anti-Fallout Niacin + Caffeine Shampoo

Anti-fallout Niacin + Caffeine Shampoo

I’ve just linked you up to the links I used to order, I’m not sure what other stores sell this. But Superdrug currently have two for Ā£10 on these products.

Now, I have literally fallen in love with this shampoo and conditioner. The oil, I’m not going to lie, probably won’t purchase again. I’m not really sure how I feel about it but hey, never know.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for I’m sure. The pictures.

I have tried to make sure I kept roughly the same pose in each image to make it as easy as possible to compare. Now this might all be completely in my head, I don’t know, but I am so sure my hair looks so much healthier!

Even if it is a complete placebo effect and it’s all in my head and no one else can tell – I’ll take it. At the end of the day, as I stated in my last post, I was trying to help make myself feel better and if nothing else, I’ve achieved just that!

To me, my hair looks silkier definitely healthier and dare I say it, longer?! And it has only been two weeks. I had intended to take pictures after every single wash over the last two weeks but I’ve been letting my hair air dry and not going to lie, most the tine I had forgotten about taking pictures until it was the next day and not quite the same. But I managed to snap these 4 at least!

So yeah, literally nothing different in any of them. I haven’t styled it (I never do) and each has been after a good air dry to try prevent any heat damage!

I am so curious to see what you all think, I might be blowing this products trumpet whilst you’re all sat there like ‘come on Hannah, definitely no change’ so I want to know!

  1. A bit of self love goes a long way
  2. Trying something new can be brilliant
  3. Sharing is caring

H x


    1. Hahaha definitely going to make a quick change there. Read this like 20 times before posting too šŸ¤¦šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļøšŸ¤¦šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļøšŸ¤¦šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø


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