Don’t pour from an empty cup

My week off was an absolute treat. There was Harry Potter studios (please see this post for all of the spam) and a wedding of a very dear friend that I spent my University years with. Cannot believe it though, my first uni pal that is married! Such a shocker. Did get to have my makeup done for the occasion (I didn’t have too, that’s a lie, I just wanted too)

Would 100% recommend Bobbi Brown cosmetics, I had a really bad experience in years 11 where I had my makeup done for prom and I literally looked like a drag queen, and I don’t mean the beautiful kind that are absolutely slaying it either. But the Fenwick’s store seriously made me feel so at ease. All the recommendations (and trust me this is no #spon or #ad, I’m not posh enough for that, just genuinely loved it)

I’ve also had all the meetings coming out of my ears at work about going part time. The current plan of action is as of Monday I will be working 9-3, with the option to stay until 5 if I feel well enough. I will be having a meeting with HR every 4 weeks to discuss how I’m doing with the option to go back to full time or reduce my hours even more where I need too. I feel so lucky to have an employer that is being so understanding and happy to adjust to work with me. They said that they understand that ‘number 1’ has to come first and that MS effects everyone differently. To actually have a manager and a HR team that understands is a completely new concept to me and it is unbelievably lovely! So I will roll with it and take that with me as I can.

On another note, this weekend is the only weekend of the whole of June that we are actually at home. The next two weekends are going to be spent at Lukes families down south. Pouring from an empty cup maybe? I suppose the next few weeks definitely need to be resting for the weekends ahead. Many birthdays to be celebrated and I’m very excited and very nervous about how tired I’m going to be by July.

By July?! Did I actually just say that? How are we already in June?! This year is flying by.

Anyway, the butterfly mind that is I is done speaking utter rubbish. Have a wonderful weekend my sweets and cannot wait to hear all about what you are all doing!

  1. Rest is important
  2. Number 1 comes first
  3. People can be so understanding

H x



  1. That’s wonderful you have job flexibility. I didn’t get that until my final years I was able to work. Even then it took a letter written by a lawyer asking for it.

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    1. It’s shocking isn’t it that majority of places are so unaccommodating! I honestly was so shocked at how great they were about it, which in itself is mental because everyone should be understanding! Very very strange really, but yes, very pleased that they are being so lovely about it! X

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  2. I am so glad your job is being flexible with your schedule. It is really nice working for a company that is understanding and accommodating. I am also fortunate to work for a company that allows me to work less hours. It does make having to work a little easier! I do believe you are incredibly strong and pretty amazing!

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  3. So glad your work is so accepting and helpful! It really means a lot. And isn’t it exciting when friends start to get married? It feels like yesterday that I was at my first friends’ wedding, now we are all married with kids heading into secondary! Time goes so fast xx

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    1. Aww that must be so lovely!! So scary though to think that this is the time of our little pals getting married. Another one next year but that’s all that seems planned just yet!
      But yes work have been so so amazing, I’m really very grateful for them xx


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