Quick return

Hello everyone, making a return – maybe once a week to ease myself back into life?

It has been a busy few months. We have finally moved into out house, more house less dive nowadays. The really exciting news is that we are getting rid of our lovely 2 seater sofa that we have had since our rented flat up north. We are getting a brand spanking new 4 seater sofa – not going to lie, my first thought is I can actually lie down! Actually lie down on a real sofa, and be horizontal. Isn’t the exciting?!

Is it normal that at the age of 25 you don’t get excited about the sofa but the concept of being horizontal somewhere that isn’t just in bed? Wow, I am so exciting.

Ok, lets talk plan.

I have finished Lemtrada round 2, that came to an end at the end of April. It is really hard to pin point if it has helped, I worry a lot about if it has helped. I still get issues with my right eye, I can’t open a jar and I occasionally get vertigo. I am waiting patiently (not patiently at all) for my next MRI when the proof will be in the pudding. The pudding of the human body – the brain. Unsure really where I was going with the one.

I have a nurse appointment in a few weeks so I am looking forward to some discussions.

Anyway, glad to be back. Hopefully this time it will be slightly more permanent. The posts might even get a bit longer, you lucky pups.

H x



  1. Ooo busy busy indeed! Welcome back 🙂 How are you getting on in the new abode? A new 4 seater sofa sounds fab! Is it like a squishy one, or a smarter leather type one? We have the latter, but I wish we’d gone for something soft and comfy as lying on it isn’t fun! I really do hope the Lemtrada is beneficial; when’s your next MRI due? My fingers will be crossed for you, Hannah!
    Caz xx


    1. Hey!! Thank you. It’s great to be in but it still needs so much work, we’ve finished the main rooms (living room/bathroom/kitchen) so it’s just plodding on as and when we can.
      We’ve gone for a squishy one, I am the most excited I think I’ve ever been 😂😂 at least with a leather one you can just wipe it down and it’s clean though, always a positive
      I think it’s in November so quite a while off yet, there was new lesions after my first round of lem so hoping it won’t be the same thing time 🤞🏻
      I hope you’ve been ok, lots and lots to catch up on! Xx


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